In 2015 we were blessed with our beautiful son Nate. I never really had any plans to return to work until my baby was of nursery age and my partner Adam supported us quite happily!

During my pregnancy I struggled to purchase boys’ clothing and this is really where Forever Sewing started. Hours and hours of one to one sewing lessons along with late nights watching YouTube tutorials in between the feeds... Before I knew it Adam had treated me and purchased my very own sewing machine, I set up on my dining room table so every evening once Nate’s bed time rolled round I would be sewing until the early hours.

The Forever Sewing brand is something we created ourselves whilst enjoying the New Year in Disney Land Paris. Actually, it was very obvious that personalised clothing was of massive interest to a lot of Mummies and Daddies, and we had this in mind when creating our lounge suits and rompers styles. Something as simple as positioning the personalisation to the left chest area and left leg area was so effective, and we knew looking at the overall look of the product that this outfit was going to be very popular. At this point we hadn’t seen this available to purchase anywhere else: win win.

Monday I would cut, Tuesday embroider, Wednesday overlock, Thursday lockstitch and Friday package for the post run! It became apparent very quickly I was pushing myself too much, some mornings finishing up at 5AM to then be awake with Nate at 8AM and have to be a Mum through the day, ready to pick up the production come bedtime. In all honesty I didn’t sleep longer than 2 hours for 3 months. At this point the demand was more than we could ever imagine so we searched and searched for extra team members. Within 4 weeks we had built our team of outsourced cutters, embroiderers, machinists and packagers - now our position was to manage the production and the in between parts such as matching each individual cuts of garments to the correct orders and divide
into order bags - 100’s of them per week. From the orders leaving me after the cutting stage, to being embroidered and then divided to all of our machinists, I then had every order back to quality check prior to being packaged and posted to the customers. Adam by this point had left his current job to help with childcare and help with driving around delivering work and supplies to our outsourced staff but we knew we couldn’t continue to work like this.

Finally in September 2017 we moved into the Forever Sewing home where your clothing is not handmade on dining room tables but fully equipped work stations, industrial machines that work to very high quality. Not to mention our full time highly professional machinists who were handpicked from 12 others and who were trained by many high end retailers. The experience they bring to Forever Sewing is out of this world and nothing I myself could have achieved from being self taught. Yet they are still Mums, Nanans, Aunties, and they still put a lot of love and care into the production of your little ones garments. My own darling mother had also chosen to come on board with us and joined our family run business to enhance the cutting department and provide a high level of training to our apprentices that are joining the sewing industry - something not many youngsters have the opportunity to do in this day and age!

We are so amazed and grateful for the continued support and above all our love for this brand is what will propel us further. In 2018 we have massive plans to expand our business but with quality always in mind. Due to the demand being so high we are focusing purely on decreasing the production time, as this is something we haven’t managed to reduce in 2017. When you purchase from us you are purchasing not only what we believe to be amazing quality clothing, but handmade by a loving Forever Sewing family.